Sonata has been carefully planned to take advantage of its great proximity to local and regional transit options. Columbia City was originally developed as a commuter community, so it was perfectly situated to become one of the region’s most connected neighborhoods again. With the implementation of Sound Transit’s LINK Light Rail in 2009, that dream became a reality.

Sonata sits only one block away from the Columbia City LINK Light Rail Station on Martin Luther King Jr. Way South. As the first of Sound Transit’s regional hubs, this places it at the nexus of all future expansion and development of the system. Simply put, Columbia City is the ultimate neighborhood for those who seek rapid and direct access to the area’s commercial, technology and cultural centers, with an ever-expanding list of future connections.

At present, light rail runs through the Rainier Valley directly to SeaTac Airport, downtown to the Seattle central business district and North to the University of Washington. A well-integrated system of buses and trains further connects commuters to Tacoma, Everett and all parts of the greater Seattle and Puget 

Sound areas, with additional light rail connections being added in stages. Eventually, LINK light rail will connect to Tacoma, Redmond, West Seattle, South Lake Union, Lower Queen Anne, Ballard, Lynnwood, Kirkland and Bellevue, making this a fully integrated regional transit solution. 

What this means to Sonata buyers is the ability to live a largely car-free lifestyle, combining the tremendous walkability of Columbia City with a virtually door-to-door set of transit options that will allow for 15 minute commutes to many of Seattle’s most populous areas. Residents will be able to walk out the front door and be riding in fast, climate-controlled comfort in mere minutes. 

In addition to the benefits of Sonata’s proximity to mass transit, it sits in a very convenient location for a variety of commute types. Columbia City offers a handy “back door” into the Downtown core, and is within easy reach of the I-90 floating bridge and its access to the Eastside tech corridor. The Renton aviation hub and SODO industrial districts lie just to the South and West, respectively, making Sonata the ideal central location for virtually any career path in the city.

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