If you are a member of Seattle’s burgeoning population, or a long-term resident, you have surely faced the city’s tight housing market. Seattle is an amazing metropolis, filled with wonderful employment, business and cultural opportunities, surrounded by spectacular natural beauty, but it can be a real challenge to make it your permanent home.

Most of Seattle’s boom in residential construction has been in the form of expensive apartments, large townhouses, single-family homes, and luxury high-rise condominiums. This leaves a lot of potential urban residents with a stark choice: either continue paying high rents with nothing to show for it, or take your chances in the limited resale market with sparse choice, and outdated product. For those who seek modern design, choice and customization, finding a perfect place to call home can be an elusive and frustrating process.

This is exactly the population that Sonata’s developers had in mind when they conceived of the project. With a fabulous location in Columbia City, Sonata enjoys an energizing dialogue with this historic, walkable and dynamic community that also happens to be at the epicenter of Seattle’s rapid transit system. It offers a true sense of community that is 


more than the sum of its parts. Homeowners will enjoy innovative new common areas that include numerous outdoor gardens, a roof deck and a large co-working space that will share the ground floor with an eclectic mix of retail and dining options. The idea is to enable homeowners to live beyond their individual units and enjoy Sonata as a whole, encouraging regular interaction, networks and friendships to grow into an organic and lasting sense of community.

With an emphasis on clean, contemporary design and space efficiency, Sonata will offer a range of beautifully appointed condominium homes from below 400 square feet to more than 1,000 square feet in studio, urban one bedroom, one bedroom, one bedroom plus den and two bedroom configurations, with introductory pricing from the high $200,000s. This isn’t just a chance to lock down affordable long-term payments and finally participate in Seattle’s hot housing market, it is a rare opportunity to get exactly what you want, with a host of palette and customization options tailored for modern lifestyles. At Sonata, you’ll be able to spend your time and resources exploring your new neighborhood and decorating a fabulous home, not correcting other people’s mistakes.